Smart Intercom Product Family

A stylish design with extreme ease of use, Akuvox smart intercom leverages vast fields of cutting-edge
technologies for intelligent building access and home control.

  • Smart Intercom Solutions


    Powered by latest technologies, Akuvox smart residential intercom solution fits in with higher security, convenience and smartization requirements of modern residential living.

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  • Smart Intercom Solutions


    In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, smart intercom solutions have come into play, bringing together voice, video, security, access control, and more.

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  • Smart Intercom Solutions

    Assisted Care & Hospital

    Akuvox smart intercom solution is good news for global population aging. It converges latest technologies, including SIP, Android and AI, to bring greater safety, trust and security to older people.

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  • Smart Intercom Solutions

    Public Space

    To protect people, assets and property in the public space, there is an urgent need for failsafe smart intercom solutions to react to situations in progress and manage public events and emergency situations.

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Smart Intercom as a Service

Smartphone-based building access offers greater security, more convenience and higher cost-effectiveness.

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Why Akuvox

Akuvox is a global leading provider of Smart Intercom products and solutions. We are committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives with better communication, greater security and more convenience.

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